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Collect and Place Beetles strategically in your personal Jewel Box in this beautiful tile-placement game...and don't forget to take your tool tokens!

Start your entomological journey with

Jewel Box

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Collect Toppings, Combine Items, and Complete Orders in this beautifully delicious family card might even want to have a waffle party after!

Join us for a Waffly good time with

Top Waffle

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Growing up I always loved those app games that you had to fill certain orders in a certain amount of time. Top Waffle is that game in card form but better! You fill certain orders while interacting with people at the same time! Such a fun game and beautiful art that gets me craving waffles.

Sarah R.

Wow, I can't get enough of Jewel Box! It's such a fun and cozy tile laying game that I've probably played a dozen times with my wife now, and the illustrations are STUNNING!

Sam B.

I'm loving Top Waffle, the cards are fun and gameplay is addicting!

Alex G.

Jewel Box kind of gives me Kingdomino vibes, but so much quicker and aesthetically pleasing. It makes me want to learn more about beetles too, I love that they have where the beetles are found on the tiles, highly recommend!