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About Us

Zac Loveless

Born and raised a game lover, Zac always had a dream of making his own games. From a young age he would design games with playing cards and try to convince his family to play them with him. After marrying in to Emily's family, he introduced them to the game Splendor which they loved, and it lit a fire in him of wanting to create games that make people love more games!

Favorite Game: Five Tribes

Emily Loveless

Growing up, Emily only played a few games with her family, mostly with face cards. She was really only introduced fully to tabletop gaming when she married Zac. When they got married and she started playing games more with Zac and his family, she was hooked! She not only loved it, but also shared in the passion of wanting to help create games that would make people feel like she now did!

Favorite Game: Wingspan

Megan Galura

Meet the illustrator and graphic designer behind Lovemore Games! Megan is an artist by trade and a game lover at heart--although she spends most of the time staring at the design. Having a job that combines all the things she loves is a dream come true!

Favorite game: Splendor